This cutie is Freya! She is 4 years old and so smart! She definitely bonds with her person and will cuddle with her head in your lap! Freya is house broken and crate trained but does not need a crate and prefers not to be in one. She LOVES playing fetch so she must have a fenced yard and someone who will play with her and take her for walks every day! She is a super intelligent, eager to please dog. She knows so many commands like sit, down, shake, high five, speak and many more. All you have to say is “Freya go get your toy” and she runs to get it and brings it back to play fetch and tug-o-war.  She is a happy and healthy dog looking for her person to bond with, who is a strong leader and has experience with the breed.  Some notes about Freya’s future home; She should be an only dog, slow introductions are necessary with visiting dogs once she is settled in. She has played well with dog friends but does exhibit resource guarding. We also recommend older kids only in the home or no kids, even kids who visit should be older. She is such a loving dog, we know there is someone out there, a single guy, a couple, a single woman who will give her a forever home. If you think she needs to be your new fur baby fill out an application to adopt, she’s eagerly waiting to meet you!  She would love to be cuddled on your lap right now or playing fetch with you in your yard! No cats as she has never been cat tested.