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Give these cats and dogs a second chance! When you adopt a pet from Lucky Chance Rescue, you save lives. For every dog or cat adopted, Lucky Chance Rescue is able to save at least one more animal.

Meet The Lucky Chance Rescue Pets Available To Adopt

Check out our amazing four-legged friends who are seeking a loving new home to call their own. Our goal is to make a match between your family and the perfect dog. We want happy dogs and happy humans, living together and loving each other in a “forever home.”  Be sure to click on each pet and read more about them.

Adoption Fees

Your adoption donation is tax deductible and helps cover all costs associated with rescuing all animals including vaccinations, medical treatments, emergency medical care, food, shelter, puppy pads, pens/crates, transportation, toys, leashes, harnesses, collars, tags, bowls, bedding, grooming items, and all other basic care needs. When you adopt a pet a Lucky Chance Rescue, you can rest easy knowing they are up to date on vaccinations, altered, microchipped and healthy.

Adoption Process

Please take into consideration how much time you will have to spend with your pet, the amount of training you want to do and that you can commit to your new pet for at least 15 years.  Be sure to read the bios on each pet available to find the perfect match for your family and lifestyle. Complete our adoption application in entirety.  If your application is approved, a home visit and meet & greet will be scheduled to begin the adoption process.

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Helpful Information

We are committed to the ethical treatment of animals, through pet adoption, promoting spay and neuter to end overpopulation and unwanted animals, reuniting missing pets with their owners and educating pet owners on the importance of veterinary care. Below you find great information to help you on your journey of being a successful and happy pet owner.