Toby Keith, (aka Ryder) is a 1 year old 51% beagle, 49% Boston Terrier. He is smarter than a whipper snapper; and oh so adorable! He is a very confident boy and likes to be with his people playing fetch, playing Tug-o-War, and will run zoomies around the yard with his little foster fur friend. He knows so many commands and nails them; sit, down, drop it, leave it, off, crate, place. He’s been very well trained but does like to push the boundaries a little. He is housebroken and will let you know when he has to go. He is also crate trained and sleeps in his crate all night without making a peep. Need to leave for awhile, he will go right in his crate and hang out until you get home and not cause any problems. We would not trust him just yet to free roam the house because he does like to shred stuffy toys! He redirects very easily to acceptable toys, he loves high value treats and really tries hard to please his people. Ryder is very active, he doesn’t like to sit still for very long, and he always needs something to do; whether it’s chew on a bone, play with his people, or go for a run in the yard. He likes to keep busy. We think Toby would do best with someone home for a good part of the day, whether you are a stay at home/work from home family, or work part time out of the home. He really loves attention and needs a lot of stimulation. We think it may be the beagle in him that needs to keep occupied. He does love everyone he meets, he will jump in your lap and give you kisses, he is so friendly, sweet and just a terrific dog. He definitely needs a very active, well trained young dog in the home that will be his leader. His current foster dog corrects him when he needs to leave something alone or tries to chew something he’s not supposed to. If you have a super smart dog that is a leader, that would be perfect for Ryder! A minimum 4′ fenced yard is required for him, as he is very active and will need a safe place to run and burn off energy. If you love going for walks, hiking, outdoor adventures, biking, Ryder would LOVE to come along for the adventure! If you have the time to give him the attention he craves, even if it’s just sitting in a chair and tossing a toy to him so he can play fetch, he will be one happy guy! If you’d like to meet this gorgeous little spitfire, please apply to meet him at

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Housebroken, Crate Trained, Many Commands


Neutered, Vaccinations Current, HW Neg.

Good in a home with

Other dogs, cats and kids

would love an active family


1 year

Breed Mix

Beagle / Boston Terrier