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What to Know Before Fostering a Pet

Fostering is a wonderful experience for you and your family – you can feel good
knowing you have helped save a dog’s life. Foster dogs provide companionship and purpose – your act of kindness is repaid in rewards that are  beyond words.

As a foster, you are a valued asset to Lucky Chance Rescue. We do not have a shelter or boarding facility. Every animal is placed in a home to make the adjustment to being with humans, socializing, . This commitment requires dedication by you and everyone in the household to provide a loving home.  It is critical to their adjustment that they be housed in stable and consistent environments. The sooner the pets feel secure and happy, the sooner they will be adopted!

Yes, we require your animals to be current on their vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, in some cases, especially with scared, sick or injured animals, you must have the ability to isolate the foster animal in a separate room or section of your home to give them time to decompress, avoid exposure of an illness to your pet or disrupt healing time. A spare room can be perfect for a dog or puppy.

It depends on the dog and the situation. The average stay in a foster home is about 3 weeks for puppies, 2 months for adults. However, dogs with great photos and stories on the web may be adopted much quicker. Others, recovering from an injury, certain breeds and senior dogs, may stay much longer. 

As much as possible. The more positive exposure he has with people and experiences, the happier and better-adjusted he’ll be when he becomes available for adoption.

It’s best for puppies to learn pup manners from their siblings, so when fostering puppies under 12 weeks old, we send them out in groups of two or more. It also helps to have multiple puppies to keep each other busy

Foster parents provide space, basic training, exercise and love for the dog. Lucy Chance Rescue will provide you with all the other supplies needed throughout your foster experience. We will provide you with age appropriate food, bowls, crate, toys, puppy pen pads, if needed, and miscellaneous items needed such as heartworm prevention, wormer, blankets, towels, beds. We appreciate when fosters donate items to care for their foster dogs, but it is not required.

Yes. When your foster dogs arrives, a vet care plan with the information you need will be emailed to you and the veterinarian you will go to.  Be sure is in your contact list to receive emails from us. You will make all appointments around your schedule to make it easier for you to get him her to the vet. If for some reason you cannot make it on the day of appointment, please give the vet 24 hours notice to reschedule or let your us know and we can help find a volunteer to get your foster to his her appointment. Veterinarians bill the rescue directly so there is no cost to foster parents. If you visit a vet that is not on the list, you will not be reimbursed for the cost

YES, As long as foster parents meet the requirements necessary for adoption, foster parents have first choice to adopt their foster dog. You must notify Lucky Chance Rescue within 2 weeks if you intend on adopting. On some occasions, we may deny fosters from adopting if their home is not the best fit as a forever home. For example, Huskies, Shepherds, Pits, Labs, Hounds and other high energy dogs are fine in a foster home without a fence because they can’t go outside. However, as they get older and bigger they do require fences to keep them safe and confined. It is easy to fall in love with your foster, but always remember, our goal is always to find the best fit for the dog and their forever family.

Love animals and want to help? Open your home to a rescue dog and become a foster volunteer!