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Vet Exposed Puppies To Parvo

$640 of $2,000 raised

15 Puppies were exposed to parvo in veterinarian’s office. 2 are hospitalized 13 more at risk

A simple procedure to spay and neuter two litters of puppies has turned into a parvo epidemic due to cross contamination at Martin Veterinary Hospital.  Our Beauty & The Beast litter was safe and healthy at their foster home for 6 weeks with 2 rounds of vaccinations. The Apple Dumpling gang, also safe and healthy at their foster home for 3 weeks with their vaccinations. Our fosters have not been in contact with our other parvo dogs or in any veterinary clinic where these dogs were being cared for. We have followed strict puppy protocol. No paws on the ground, no public places except the vet after they have had at least one round of vaccinations.

These two litters never met until they arrived, in separate cars, at Martin Veterinary Hospital on February 27th for routine spay and neuter. After the procedure the Beauty and the Beast litter were placed in a crate, provided by Martin’s, in their “holding” room.  The Apple Dumpling gang were also in one of Martin’s crates.  Each litter was picked up by their fosters and returned back to their respective foster homes.

March 5th, Bobby, one of the Apple Dumpling Gang, stopped eating and drinking. Late at night he was showing symptoms of parvo. He was lethargic, not eating or drinking,drooling, and his eyes were glassed over in a daze. We had no choice but to take him to VSS West where he tested a strong positive for Parvo. Treatments started immediately.

March 6th, Claudette, one of the Beauty and the Beast litters, stopped eating and drinking and had diarrhea. Her foster/adopter contacted us and we instructed them to take her to our vet first thing in the morning. Sadly, she also tested positive for Parvo. Her treatments started immediately.

We contacted Martin’s on March 6th and 7th, after Bobby and Claudette went to the hospital. We explained that the only place these two litters have been in contact with each other was at his veterinary Hospital. We asked them what they could do to help us. One of the office staff told us there was no parvo in their office and they follow protocol. She told us it was our fault for not providing our own crate. She claimed their office did not expose our puppies. We are 100% certain there was a parvo positive puppy from another rescue in Martin’s office from February 25-27th. The timeline from exposure/incubation and when they broke all coincide with their spay/neuter at Martin’s on February 27. We were told Dr. Martin would call us back on both occasions.  He never did.

We wanted Dr. Martin to take responsibility and treat the sick pups, or cover the costs of hospitalization.  We gave him ample opportunity to respond.  We understand accidents happen, we know parvo spreads easily, all we asked was for them to take responsibility, tell the truth, and help us treat our puppies. Instead, we were lied to and ignored.

We now have 2 puppies, once again fighting for their life and no compensation or care from Martin Veterinary Hospital where all 15 of our puppies were exposed. We Need YOU! We are asking, once again, for our friends and the rescue community to come together and help us save two more innocent pups that really didn’t deserve this.

If you had any unprotected dogs at Martin Veterinary Hospital between February 25-27, or later, there is a good chance they were exposed to Parvo like our dogs were. Please watch for symptoms and don’t delay treatment. Bobby has been in the hospital for 4 days and is not getting better. He will have to stay at VSS West at least through the weekend. Claudette is still vomiting and not doing well either. She will be transferred to a 24 hour veterinary hospital as well.

We now have 9 parvo positive puppies! 13 more could break any day! We desperately need your help! Please donate what you can to help us help them! We are so appreciative and grateful for every dollar you give!

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