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7 Puppies Have Parvo! Please Help

$1,805 of $5,000 raised

All 7 Puppies we rescued have Parvo!  Dorothy has relapsed and 2 have crossed over the rainbow bridge.  

It’s with a heavy heart we say goodbye to sweet Blanche and Miles.  Neither one could fight anymore, their little bodies just gave up and they passed away. Miles, this morning and Blanche last night. To say we are heartbroken is an understatement.   These innocent babies suffered because they were not given any vaccinations. Our amazing vets did everything they possibly could, they were just too weak to keep fighting. Poor puppies never even had a chance to live. We are crushed.. please donate to our rescue, we still have 5 more fighting for their lives.  Run with the angels Blanche and Miles, you will be in our hearts forever.

We are still fighting for Dorothy, Rose, Stanley, Angelo and Clayton! 

We rescued 7 puppies from Birch Tree Missouri, we had no idea they were sick. We had no idea we were bringing parvo into our rescue, but we can’t and won’t turn our backs on these innocent puppies!! Rescuing these puppies was the ONLY way to give them a fighting chance. We were literally their only hope.  We have already lost two  and are just praying the 5 survive.  We are a brand new rescue and to be hit with 7 parvo dogs and possibly a mom with 6 new born puppies is completely devastating to us. We were not financially prepared for this urgent situation.

To take on the financial costs to treat 7 puppies with parvo is devastating to our personal and rescue bank accounts. We have spent every dollar donated and emptied personal accounts. There is nothing left. We desperately need your help! Please donate what you can to help us help them! We are so appreciative and grateful for every dollar you give!
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