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When we see a post “Mom and puppies are in a kill shelter will be euthanized for space” We try our best to save them. This is exactly what happened to Sandy and her 6, 3-week old puppies. They were in a kill shelter in Baldwin County Alabama, near the Gulf of Mexico. Sandy and her 6 puppies were pulled minutes before euthanasia on Friday and began their journey to St. Louis. They were going to die for no other reason than “space”. Lucky Chance Rescue could not let that happen. The good news is…We were lucky to have our foster, Lisa, offer to give mama a safe place to raise her babies. Sandy and her 6 puppies took the long 11 hour drive from Alabama to Kirkwood where she and her puppies will be cared for. Now the sad news… Sandy has a “non-functional” left eye and entropion of the upper lid. She will require enucleation (removal of the eye).  You all know we rely on donations for medical care and we definitely need your help!!

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