Wheaton is a super special boy he is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who came to Lucky Chance as a breeder release   This is the first time in his 5 young years he has lived with humans and had a dog friend to play with.  He is really a handsome guy and his foster family just love him.  He is learning to play with other dogs and has not shown aggression to any dog he has met.  He loves to be outdoors and do things like taking nature walks. He is learning to play with toys inside and outside. Because he spent most of his life in a cage, he has not been socialized with people and is learning what being a dog really means. Once he gets it, he’s going to be a great family pet! Right now he’s a little shy when there are a lot of people around and will go lay in his safe spot and avoid the crowd.  He would love to have a family who will be patient with him while he learns to be a dog and trust that humans are pretty awesome to live with!  Wheaton is  very loving and sweet and loves to cuddle with his person. He does require a fenced in yard, as he could have a tendency to wander. If you are looking for a really sweet boy, to take on walks, hiking, playing in the yard or just cuddling on the couch, who loves kids and other dogs, Wheaton is your boy.