Rosie loves you already, and you’ve only seen her through a picture! She’s a 5 year old pit mix and weighs 50lbs. She loves going on walks and looking at nature! She is crate trained, and also potty trained! She loves snuggles and attention, but who doesn’t love attention! She must have a fenced yard! Because she has been in a shelter, slow introductions is a must, so she has not been around cats or dogs yet. But when she sees them through the glass door she wages her tail! She’s currently working on basic commands, but is getting them down! She does like to jump on me once in awhile because she wants to be held like a baby, but she’s in the progress of breaking away from that. She is just a happy dog, who wants to be loved and wants attention, couldn’t ask for a better dog!! Please apply to adopt her

Watch this video to see how lovable and affectionate she is!

Rosie was brought in to a shelter in rural Missouri, “they” thought she was pregnant and no one wanted her. She was on the euthanasia list and Lucky Chance Rescue pulled her with only 10 minutes to spare.  Bringing Rosie into our rescue was the best choice we could have made. She is an absolute love bug and wants nothing more than to give kisses and snuggle. We hope that she will find a family who will give her the love she is begging for!!