Raider is a fluffy ball of cuteness. He is so sweet and loving. He steals the heart of all who meet him! He is fantastic with kids (foster home has 4 kids ages 3-10). He also has a foster dog friend who he loves to play with. Raider is very smart! He has been puppy pad trained since he was 8 weeks old, his foster mom thinks he will pick up going potty outside quickly. He has not had an opportunity to explore the outdoors yet as he is still waiting for vaccinations but we are sure he is going to love having a big outdoor space to run and play. Raider is going to be a very large dog, we are guessing 80lbs, just check the size of his paws at 9 weeks old!!  We believe mama Fancy is Dane/Lab & Dad, we have no idea. Without a DNA test, we really don’t know, except to say he is adorable!!  Raider does well with guests after he’s been given a few minutes to soak them in. He is active but loves a good long nap in a comfy spot, loves giving kisses and also very loyal. Raider follows his foster mom around everywhere she goes! Raider is very curious of his surroundings so we feel he will do best in a fenced yard.  This sweet boy will be a great family pup and great for an active home!  He will be available to adopt after October 7th. We will be reviewing all applications over the next week so be sure to apply soon!