Phoenix is a handsome fella that is super smart and affectionate. He loves his people especially the grownups. He’ll follow you around just to be close. He gets a little sad when you leave because he just loves you so much. He loves belly and chin rubs. Some of his favorite things are trips to the dog park, car rides with the window cracked, footballs, treats, running, and being outside. He puts himself to bed in his kennel every night by 10:30 and waits patiently and quietly until morning. He knows: come, sit, stay, down, off, no, potty, outside, wanna go?, leave it, and heel. He is improving at walking on a leash. He is house trained, crate trained, and consistently uses a bell to let you know he needs out. He is not food aggressive but is occasionally possessive of his toys. He enjoys a game of fetch inside but is not fond of it outdoors. He loves other dogs and is friendly when meeting new people. He tolerates children but prefers teens and adults. The constant commotion of younger kids makes him feel unsettled. He’s a sweetheart with a playful side.