Meet Parsons! This energetic one year old purebred Havanese is fast coming out of his shell and very playful with other dogs. He is a breeder release dog, which means his duties are done and he is ready to be socialized with a family. He is still skittish around people he does not know but with exposure to a real home life this will not be an issue. Parsons has discovered toys and will actually play fetch with his favorite squeaky toy! He loves to be held and will take all the attention you have to give. He currently is crated during the day and has had no accidents, not a one! His housebreaking is a work in progress and he will show signs if you are watching him by going to the door and sniffing about. I am using disposable belly bands in the house to avoid accidents and he comes in the door from outside and stands to have one put on. He is very trainable. To the future forever home . . . my apologies up front for spoiling him by inviting him on the furniture and sleeping in my bed. He sleeps through the night unless he has to go outside and he will give you kisses to wake up. At this time, his belly band is dry and I take him out to do his business and back to sleep. Parsons will be great in a home with another dog to teach him how to be a dog!