Oh Olive….Everyone wants you because you’re a cute little purebred Frenchie, but oh the Diva in you has sure come out!! What’s yours is yours and no one better go near it! You are a typical “only child”, never sharing your toys, or bones or food! It would be so nice if you could learn to share, but we don’t see that ever happening! You love to let all the other dogs in your foster home know that you are in charge! It doesn’t matter that they are 10x your size and have been there longer than you… you are the boss and they better listen, or else…!  That adorable squishy face is so hard to get mad at so you’ve learned you can get away with everything! Who knew dogs could manipulate their humans? Your foster mom has gotten to know you quite well over the last 2 weeks and she has decided that you need a family with no human kids and no fur kids. You must get ALL of the attention! You like to have things your way and on your terms! Cuddle on the couch time, snuggle in bed time, outside play time… all on your terms! Again, the “only child” attitude is real! You will need a person to teach how to be a dog and not a diva! You are adorable, for sure, and I know there is a special someone out there perfect for you! You really need a home where you can have your own space to just be you! Quirky, bossy, silly and adorable little you!

***PLEASE READ! If anyone wants to adopt this little princess diva, that has no dogs, no kids, no cats… you can apply here: https://luckychancerescue.com PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL INQUIRIES! We know a lot of people will be interested in Olive just because she’s a Frenchie, but please read her bio and be sure she is going to be a fit with your family and that you can work with her sassy, diva personality!  Adoption applications are required!