Mocha Joe

This gorgeous eyed boy is Mocha Joe! He is a 6 month old labradoodle mix. Dad is a full pit and mom is a labradoodle. Please read this carefully if you are considering applying to adopt Mocha. He is going to be a large dog, he weighs 44lbs at 6 months old and has very long legs… he’s a tall boy!!

Mocha needs a home with an active lifestyle and someone who can take him on multiple long walks a day to burn his energy. He is a gentle dog and loves all people. He is still learning not to jump on people & his high energy can easily knock a child over therefore, we think older children (over 12) would be a good fit for him.  He loves being with his people more than anything and will jump a baby gate easily to get to you! Once properly introduced to strangers, he will not stop wanting their attention! Mocha loves to play fetch and is very hyper-focused when playing. He is still learning to bring the ball back and drop and is also learning basic commands like sit, stay, and leash manners.

Mocha requires a home with no other animals as he is still learning how to socialize appropriately with other dogs. He doesn’t like to share and can be reactive and show some fear of other dogs in his space.  Mocha is mostly quiet in his crate when he can see you and has had proper exercise. He does have a bit of separation anxiety and his foster mom has been working with him on positive reinforcement during these situations.  

Mocha needs an experienced dog owner and home that has experience with a driven & determined breed. He will need continued socialization as he is not comfortable yet with new experiences (I.e riding in a car, going into new rooms, cars passing by on walks, walking by people or other dogs all scares him right now). His his new home will need to provide behavioral training to help him with his fears and uncertainty of the world around him.  Preference will be given to applicants with 4 ft or taller fenced back yard as well. No electric fences unless it is inside a structured fence.

We are taking applications for him now. We know so many people want Doodles, but doodles aren’t for everyone. If you meet the requirements above, please apply to meet him.