Merlin is a gorgeous boy with lots of fluff!  He is super chill for “working” breed puppy.  He’s very laid back and quiet.  He absolutely loves to snuggle with his foster mom and his foster fur friends.  He does great with kids and even cats! Merlin is a very smart dog. and already knows how to sit for treats at just 12 weeks old!   He’s working on the “leave it” command and doing great leaving things alone he’s not supposed to have.  Merlin is doing well with potty training and is catching on with ringing the bell to go outside.   Merlin responds great to positive reinforcement and having a structured environment.  He really enjoys being outside running around with his fur friends so he will definitely need a fenced yard. Because of his breed mix, he will need an active family to take him for walks and play with him. He’d enjoy hiking and outdoor adventures too! Merlin would love to have another dog in the home to play with so he doesn’t get bored.  If you’d like to meet Merlin, please apply to adopt him. He will make a fantastic family dog and be a loyal and best friend!