Marshmallow Sky

Marshmallow Sky, aka Sky is sweet, friendly, funny and full of personality! She plays hard, then crashes! She loves rolling over on he back for belly rubs. She is not a super cuddly lap dog, she prefers to run around and play, lie by your feet, or plop down next to you to be near you. She is at that puppy nipping stage (11 weeks old) so we do not recommend toddlers or young children but older kids who understand puppy play would be fine! She will need a fenced yard to burn off all her energy. A person or family to take her for walks, hiking or jogging would be great for her too! She is working on going potty outside and doing pretty well! We think she’d be great with another dog (male preferably) She’s a special, beautiful, fun girl! Anyone will be lucky to have her as a best fur friend!