Luca is a munchkin kitten, unlike his littermates, he was born a little different.  His short legs don’t stop him from romping around and playing like his siblings do.  He is a very sweet boy and will need a very special family to call his own. Everybody that sees him wants him because he’s just so cute. If you are considering adopting 2 kittens, he would be a perect match with his sister Jesse, she is very protective of him and they love to snuggle together. He would do better with another kitten in the home.  Luca survived being abandoned in a storage bin and is happy, thriving and can’t wait to meet his forever family. Luca has been been exposed to other cats without any issues. He is FELV/FIV negative, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  Luca is litter box trained and hasn’t had any accidents outside the box. Please apply to adopt, he would love to have a family to call is own.