Lone Ranger

Hi! I’m (Lone) Ranger! I like to hang out and play. I am about 11 months old so you will get to enjoy my puppy love for a long time if you are the lucky people who get to adopt me!  I love to play with adults, kids, other dogs and even cats, I’m not afraid to make new friends. I love everyone but I also understand that not everyone loves playing with puppies, and I respect those boundaries. I am potty-trained, crate trained and I listen when I am told it’s bed time.  

I like to play but I’m also a cuddler. When you see my big, sweet eyes looking up at you there is no way you can resist letting me kiss your nose and snuggle. People love my beautiful, dark coat and the short, white streak on my back (I call it my racing stripe). I’m about 40 pounds and I probably won’t get much bigger.  If you have another dog for me to play with, that would make me really happy!  Please apply to adopt me!! I would love to have a forever family to call my own!