Introducing Lizzy! Lizzy is a 7 month old Lab, Heeler, Shepherd mix. Maybe some Aussie in there but that’s just a guess. That hair on her ears though….. Lizzy weighs about 30 pounds but she may continue to grow a little for the next few months. Lizzy was raised chained to a tree so her foster family has been working with her on how to dog! She has A LOT of personality. Think of her as the life of the party! She is very smart and has already learned “leave it,” “drop it” and comes to her name. She understands “off” but she gets so excited (plus she’s a Heeler)……She has made progress but needs more training. She is still working on potty training but doing better. Lizzy is very playful and will entertain herself for hours. She’s had to find things to do tied up to a chain! She’s super quiet unless she sees a shady character on tv. . No barking at other dogs. Speaking of other dogs, Lizzy LOVES all other dogs and plays very well with them although she prefers following her foster mom around. She doesn’t love the crate but tolerates it. She has A LOT of energy and playfulness so she needs an active family and/or another young, playful dog in the home. Someone who is home a lot so she’s not stuck in her crate would be ideal. She jumps and is still mouthy when playing so we would only recommend kiddos over the age 12. She would love to meet her furever family! If you’d like to meet Lizzy, you must complete an adoption application on our website.