I’m looking for my forever home! Hi, I’m Leo, but my human kids call me Lilo for fun. I’m a husky dog, but I’m not as noisy or hyper as the typical husky. I am about 1 1/2 years old and I haven’t had very consistent love. I am happy to be with my humans and lay around on the couch. I am very patient with the kids, even the tiny one. I do well with other dogs, but I am a big fan of attention. I do pretty good on a leash, but I’m still learning. I do very well with the kennel and just relax there. I really am looking for a home where I can stay forever. I like to sit and shake, but I do prefer real food treats! I’m putting back on the weight I lost being on the streets and my coat is looking shiny and new! My ears had been chewed on by another dog but are almost all the way healed now. I’m almost ready to go home. If you want me to come live with you, I’ll pack my bags.
Love, Leo 💙 🐾  Apply at Www.luckychancerescue.com/adoption-application