Keebler is an awesome, sweet pup!  He is crate trained but does not need his crate and has figured out how to open it himself when he wants to get out to lounge with his foster sister “River”. He is learning to walk on a leash and is potty trained. The lets you know when he has to go outside to potty and will whine if you don’t act quickly.  Keebler loves being in the center of everything. He will follow you everywhere and always wants to be near you. He loves to play with sister River and follows her around too!   He doesn’t nip, bite or chew things and follows the basic “sit”, “stay”, “up”, “down” and “come.  He will certainly need space to run and play and a fenced yard would be ideal. He is very smart and a quick learner, so active training will be key. He doesn’t enjoy be separated very long, so he will need a “buddy” and companionship. He is the most loving, sweet, snuggly pup ever. to snuggle with everyone. We have no idea what he is ‘mixed’ with, we are giving it our best guess, but we do know he’s going to be a big boy!!  If you’d like to meet Keebler, be sure to apply to adopt soon!