This guy, K9, is seriously the friendliest, sweetest boy! He met so many people and he gives 100% love to everyone he meets! He was non-reactive to the dogs he met. He met a pitty, a lab, a Dachshund mix, a little 14lb mutt puppy and a 120lb dog. He met them all with his tail wagging and we never heard a peep out of him. He met a couple of older kids today and was playful (a little jumpy) and very happy to get lots of pets and attention. He LOVES car rides, he loves chasing the ball in the yard, he’s just a great dog!  He is very active and would LOVE to have a buddy to play with him, a human to take him for adventures like hiking or walking.  He loves to play fetch so you must have toys!
He is fun, active, happy, loves all people, loves all dogs, he’s just the BEST! He has some things to learn, like walking on leash, basic commands and to keep his paws of the counter, but he is smart!! He will need a fenced yard, older kids (I’d say 7+) because he’s almost 60lbs! He’s so friendly, and I promise you with some training, he is going to be your loyal, perfect companion!! He loves to play, chew on toys and be with his people!!  We are guessing he’s about 2 years old, shepherd husky mix, maybe even a little Aussie in him. He is 57 lbs of pure love, joy and happiness! Apply to meet him!