Little Miss Jayda is looking for her furever family! She’s a six month old, 29lb mutt! She loves to play and will entertain herself with toys, especially if they squeak. She loves to be curled up next to her people and loves belly rubs and ear scratches. She loves car rides too! She’s a funny girl with a very goofy personality. She is a very active girl and loves her ball, playing fetch, chasing a laser pointer, and running zoomies in the yard. Because of her activity level, a fenced yard is a must (no electric fences please) and an active person who will take her for walks and play fetch with her! She’s obsessed with fetch! LOL She prefers to be free roaming and playing during the day than being crated 8-10 hours. Although, She does well in a crate and will sleep in it all night.  A home with teens or older would be best as she gets so excited to see her people she jumps, all 4 paws off the ground!! (We are working on that!) She knows some commands like leave it, drop it, off and sit. She is super smart. She plays great with dogs but it takes her a minute to figure out her place when there is more than one dog in the pack. We think one dog friend would be great.  She LOVES to play, cuddle and especially loves to be with her people! This little sweetie is going to be a loyal best friend! We know there is someone out there that will give Jayda a wonderful home. If you want to meet Jayda please apply to adopt her