Isaac is an adorable puppy who loves to play. We don’t know much about his past except he was abandoned along with his siblings at a very young age. We are guessing at his breed because we don’t know his parents. We’ll just call him a designer mutt! He is healthy, happy and will be an awesome dog for a family who will give him a yard to run and play and lots of love and kisses.

Isaac is working on potty training.  He is excellent with potty pads, but needs work on giving cues to go outside.  He sits for treats and loves to play with his 2 foster sisters.  He has a lot of energy for play, but he isn’t wild.  He is crate trained and you don’t hear a peep out of him all night long.  He knows how to “kennel up” and will sometimes go to the kennel for naps.  He loves car rides and does well with a harness and seat belt.  He is learning to walk on a leash with a collar, but at this time he is leash and harness.  He has a good appetite for a growing boy and is not food aggressive at all.

Isaac will be ready for adoption after March 28th.  Please take a minute to fill out the application.  This little guy is not one to pass up.