Need a couch buddy for those cold winter days who will be pre-baby-bod ready for spring walking season to go for adventures? I’d like to introduce you to Hope. She’s an amazing momma who had 10 pups of her own and took in an orphan. Yes you read that right, this beautiful little lady successfully took care of 11 puppies!!! Now they are weaned and she is ready for her body to go back to being hers instead of being a “food truck” as her foster brother calls her, get the big snip and start her journey as someone else’s baby. She has been protective of her pups when it comes to our other pets like every good momma should be, but when the pups aren’t in the mix, she has been amazing with all of her foster parents dogs  AND cats. She is kid and adult friendly, and has slept with her human foster sister without any issues overnight. She has very nice leash manners but would love a fenced yard to run and play in. We have zero doubt that she will be an amazing companion to anyone looking for a great dog. She’s about 25 lbs and we are guessing beagle/Heeler mix. She is set up for the big snip 2/19, but please don’t let that stop you from inquiring about her today. We can include a spay contract into her adoption contract and you just need to take her to our vet for her spay on the 19th, then she is all yours sooner!!