Hello! My name is Holly, and I am the most adorable, smart, playful dog around!
I was rescued from a rural pound in Missouri and came to Lucky Chance with a serious injury (Physeal fracture of left femoral capital physis) from a cause that is unknown. I had a Femoral Head and Neck Osteoectomy procedure so that I could live a life without pain! Things have been great since my surgery. Despite being in pain and discomfort through this whole process, it has never stopped me from being so happy at all times and full of love. I show my love to everyone I meet! The surgery didn’t call for rest so I have been playing in the backyard, going on walks, and running freely.

At only 6 months old, I’m house broken, crate trained and know most commands. If you were to invite me to snuggle on the couch I will but otherwise prefer the comfort of my own doggy bed where I can chew on my bone and stretch out. I don’t know any fancy tricks yet because I have spent time focusing on my injury recovery. Because I’m so smart and a fast learner It won’t take long to catch on. I do listen very well. I know when it is time to go into my kennel and If I try to chew on something new that I shouldn’t just say “leave it” and I will. I won’t bother it again once I know that you don’t want me to have it. I don’t beg or jump up on people or furniture. I patiently wait for my treats and take them ever so gently from your hand.

Because I’m still a puppy, I’m learning how to play with my foster kids. They play fetch with me but I prefer my time spent in a calm setting with them. I like to lay my head in their lap and get belly rubs and kisses. I certainly enjoy their bed time songs that put me to sleep. My favorite past time in basking in the sun outside. I could nap in the warmth of the sun all day. Playing with other dogs is so much fun too and my favorite way to burn off my energy! I love the company of other dogs but I haven’t ever met a cat so that would be a new experience for me.

If you’d like to meet me, please fill out an adoption application and let’s set something up!