Meet Ginger! She is a tiny little girl who loves to romp around and play with all her foster dog friends. She loves going outside, walking and playing with her foster family. Ginger is a minpin toy poodle mix, she is energetic and loves to be active so playtime is a must for her! She’s very is friendly, social and gets along well with children, and will be a great companion to everyone in her new family.  Ginger is doing good with potty training and follows her foster dog siblings outside when it’s time to go. Though, being little dog, she does not need lots of space, but she loves to run around outside and play, so a fenced, dog proofed yard is required for this playful girl.  A walk each day, some trips to a dog park now and then would be great. She has a very caring nature and sweet disposition and promises to be your forever best friend.