Georgia aka “Georgie Porgie” is a total sweetheart. You will immediately fall in love with her amazing personality. While she loves to play at times, she prefers to just relax and has a very calm and gentle personality. She loves to be cuddled and held, and melts into your arms like butter. She has no idea of her size some days and thinks she’s a lapdog. She likes to nuzzle up under your chin or lay across your chest and gives lots of kisses. She is very attentive and listens well. She is doing very well potty training on her potty pads. She loves other dogs and adores children of all sizes! She just wants to be around people 24/7. Georgia will be a larger dog, as our best guess of breed based on mom is lab/dane/hound – mom is definitely on the tall side! She is however one of the smaller ones of her litter.  Georgia is very curious of her surroundings so we feel she will do best in a fenced yard.  This sweet girl will be a great family pup and great for an active home!  She will be available to adopt after October 7th. We will be reviewing all applications over the next week so be sure to apply soon!