Flash is a gorgeous, friendly Basset Hound who is ready to find his forever family. He is a typical Basset, nose always to the ground, searching for bunnies or other little critters to hunt. Because of this, a structured fence is required (no electric fences). If he is left to roam he will! He has the sweetest temperament, absolutely LOVES having fur friends to play with and would enjoy having a dog friend at his new home. He is very calm and patient and is will be great with children. He is neutered, housebroken and the best Buddy. He likes to play and loves to lounge. He will need a family who will take him for walks (Basset’s can get chunky without exercise!) and play with him. He is a purebred Basset so everything you know about the breed fits him to a T! If you have a home with a fenced yard and would like to meet Flash, be sure to get your application in.