Miss Fancy is the sweetest, most lovable dog you’d ever want to meet!  She wandered onto someone’s property in rural Missouri and had 13 puppies!  Since she has been with us, she has been very gentle with adults and kids in the home. Even strangers that come to visit her and her puppies are greeted with tail wags and head butts for pets!  She is a great mama, and is now weaning her babies so she will be ready for a foster to adopt around September 21st. She is a really tall girl with very long legs, we think she’s dane/lab mix but we are guessing based on her size and appearance.  She is housebroken, walks well on a leash and loves to lounge on her dog bed and blankets.  We have not introduced her to other dogs yet on a ‘social’ level because she is with her babies. All mama dogs are protective of their young so we have kept her separated from the foster’s dogs.  With her gentle nature, we don’t think there will be problems with other dogs, once she has weaned her babies. If you’d like to meet Fancy, she is available to foster or foster to adopt at this time. She will need vetting (spay, vaccinations and microchip). Please apply to meet her and see if she is the right fit for you!