Hello! My name is Ebony! I am 8 months old and I’m told I’m a Belgian Malinois mix. I don’t know if that’s true because I don’t really know my mom or dad. I am extremely smart (so I’m told!) I know how to sit pretty, and I love to play fetch. I learned how to shake in just a matter of minutes so my foster Mom says I’m a genius. My behavior in my crate is perfect, and I am a good sleeper in there. My human family left me in a crate all of the time and I became accustomed to doing everything in there, including potty. We are working hard on stopping that behavior, and don’t do it very often now that I have a big yard to go potty in! My foster mom works long hours so I can’t always hold it, but I try!!
I haven’t been around any kids but from what I’ve heard, they sound like my kind of people because I have lots of energy and love to run and play. I think older kids would be lots of fun to play with.
I get along great with my doggy foster sister and 2 brothers. I run and wrestle with them all the time. I would love to have a doggy sibling in my new home! I have one cat foster brother and I LOVE him but I don’t understand why he hisses at me all the time. Why doesn’t he like to play chase with me?
I am great on a leash and love going on a walk with my fur sister. We walk side by side and have the best time. I need a yard with a tall fence. I’ve tried to climb the fence and one time I almost jumped it to get to my foster family on the other side. My foster Mom says I have the cutest trot and when I jump off the patio, I put all my legs out so I’m flying like a superhero!
I am very protective of my food bowl (even when it’s empty). So I eat in my crate and my foster Mom keeps my bag of food in a separate room. Remember, I lived most of my life in a crate and never had to share my food. I like eating my meals in private!
Even though I’m a Belgian Malanois mix, so far I’m not very tall. I like a good squeaky toy, but my absolute favorite toy is my doggy foster brother’s Kong ball and playing fetch. I am just the best girl ever, and can’t wait to meet my new forever family! If you’d like to meet me, and live within 60 miles of St. Louis or st Charles, please fill out an application at www.luckychancerescue.com/adoption-application