Duke is a 4 year old Labradoodle.  We know when you see Labradoodle, you say, “I’ve always wanted one”! It’s important that you read about Duke before you make the decision that he is the right fit for you.  Duke does shed as he is mixed with Labrador retriever. If you are looking for a non-shedding dog, Duke is not your guy! Duke is a very anxious dog, and when we say anxious, we mean, he needs daily medication, he walks in circles, his eyes and ears are always at alert until he knows you and is comfortable in his surroundings. His anxiety does not hinder him at all, he is an amazing, sweet, smart, cuddly and loving dog.  He absolutely loves people, loves going for car rides and going for long walks.  Whoever adopts him must love walking and hiking! Duke needs a lot of exercise, as he is extremely smart and needs the stimulation!  Duke also must have a fenced yard so he has the freedom to run and play while remaining safely in the yard. If you do not have a structured fence, he will not be a good fit for you. Duke wouldn’t mind a smaller dog in the home or no other dogs so he can have all the attention.  He definitely wants to be the alpha so a more submissive, calm and quiet small dog would be okay for him. Duke loves to cuddle and will choose to be by your side or at your feet rather than be alone. He loves to be touched, so plan on giving him lots of pets and getting nudged to remind you that he’s there and wants your hand on him!  Duke does love his crate and feels safe there, however, he is housebroken and does not need to be crated. The crate is recommended for times when he needs his own space to decompress from an anxious situation or just to have alone time.  We believe Duke will thrive in a home with no children, or older teens who don’t have a lot of visitors.  Kids in and out of the house, a lot of noise and commotion could make his anxiety worse, therefore, having a quiet home would be ideal for him.

If you think Duke is the right dog for you and you can provide all that he needs, please apply to adopt him.  You must live within 60 miles of St. Charles County. We do not do out of state adoptions except Illinois within our 60 mile area. We anticipate getting a lot of applications. We will do everything possible to respond to everyone.  If you do not hear from us, it means you did not meet some of the requirements for him. Thanks for your patience while we review applications to find the perfect forever family for Duke!