Meet Dozer!  Dozer is approximately 9  months old. He is very kid, cat & dog friendly.  He loves all people!  He greets you with a lick and a wag as soon as you walk in the door.  He loves to be comfy and curls up on his dog bed.  If you sit down, he will take the opportunity for a snuggle. Dozer is house trained and is quiet as a peep inside his crate.  He enjoys walks, belly rubs and attention.   He is working on basic commands and learning quickly from his foster home’s dog. Dozer is a super chill puppy and would be perfect in any home!  A fenced yard would be great for dozer as he does love to run and play.  Dozer is a really good family dog and would love to have another chill doggy friend to play with! If you’d like to meet him please fill out an application to adopt.