Dolly Parton

Can you even stand the cuteness!?!  Dolly is a funny, active and very happy puppy.  She’s just a big ball of fluff who likes to keep busy.  She could spend all day playing in the yard, swimming in a big dog pool (or a big human pool!), playing in a dirt pile or well, just about anywhere!  Dolly is very “self assured” and not afraid of anything! She would be a great companion for an active family or person who likes to go on adventures (camping, hiking, walking, etc.) She LOVES the water so trips to the lake, neighborhood creeks to splash around in, or even the bathtub, water is her friend. She has done well with potty training, although she’s still learning and will have accidents as she continues her training.  She knows sit and is working on other commands. She stays in her crate quietly, but being a puppy, long periods in a crate are not recommended.  She would love to have a big fenced yard, kids to play with, definitely a dog  friend would be a bonus. She has not met a cat yet but she’d probably be just fine. She may just want to play a little rough until she figures out what a cat really is.  If you’d like to meet Dolly you will need to complete an application on our website at  If you think Dolly will be a good fit for your family and lifestyle, we’d love to hear from you.