Chere is a sweet dog who wants to have a family that will give her lots of love and attention. She welcomes people home by spinning in circles and hopping up and down on her short legs. She wants to be petted by all of her foster family but still gets startled easily and has to remember that you are a safe person. Once you start petting her she falls on the floor and rolls over in happiness. The initial shyness around new people is due to her being a breeder dog who was not properly socialized as a pup.She would probably do best in a family home where she will have multiple people to follow around and from which to get pets and love. Another dog would be fine but is not required since she gets along well with both the 15 pound female that we are fostering and the 91 pound male who is our family dog. She is not a huge fan of the outdoors but she is starting to enjoy sniffing around the yard with our other foster dog and own dog so a small yard is not a problem. House training is still a work in progress but it is moving forward. Chere does not like being in a kennel but doesn’t mind being in a small play yard and sleeps there all night with no problem. Chere is a fun dog and will make a great family addition as long as her forever family gives her the time to adjust to new places and new people.