Meet Chance!  If you are looking for an active, fun pup, he’s your guy!  He is a very smart dog, at only 18 weeks old he knows many commands, like “Leave it”, “Drop it”, “Back”, “Outside”.  He is still working on sit, and down but he’s got these others down pat.  He LOVES to play fetch, he will retrieve and bring back to you 100% of the time, so his forever family must make lots of time to play with him. He is crate trained, housebroken, loves all dogs, and has learned his boundaries quickly with the foster mom’s cats.  When he’s not playing, he will be cuddled next to you or at your feet looking for love. Chance must have toys, lots and lots of toys. He will gather them all and lie in the pile, surrounding himself with all of his treasures. After repeatedly emptying the toy bin, I have concluded that the noisiest squeaky kind are his favorite!  Chance wiggles his butt all day long, with his tail in the air wagging. He is always happy! He weighs 17 lbs and I’m guessing he will be 45lbs as an adult. We feel it’s best that his forever family has a fenced yard as he does love to run and play freely without being leashed.  Kids are great, dogs and cats are great, he’d be happy just about anywhere with anyone! He’s an all around wonderful dog. If you’d like to meet Chance please apply to adopt him, you’ll be glad you did!