Cecilia is a breeder release purebred Havanese. Now that the breeder no longer needs her, she is learning how to be a family dog.  CeCe is doing really well with socializing with people and goes to her foster family to be picked up. She loves to snuggle in laps or curled up on a bed next to her person.  She will sleep in her crate but much prefers the love and snuggles from her foster family. Her tail is no longer tucked under her, she wags her tail and shows her excitement when the kids come home from school to play with her. CeCe is still not a huge fan of walks but slowly getting the idea. She is really so sweet. She is not hyper, not prone to barking. Loves to be petted. Warms up to strangers quickly. Likes a quick romp but doesn’t seem to need it. When she is ready, she will be a wonderful family pet.