Hi! I’m Buttercup! Or as my foster mom and dad call me – Princess Buttercup like from some movie called The Princess Bride. I don’t know what they’re talking about, but I love that they call me princess. I love when my foster mom and dad talk to me and sing me funny little songs. I cock my head funny to the side and look at them like they’ve lost their mind. I’ve started the cutest habit of following my foster mom and dad around the house when they’re walking and then just sitting politely behind them waiting for them to notice me when they stop. This generally gets me lots of snuggles and maybe even a treat because I did this thing that my mom calls a Good Sit. My foster mom says I’m super smart and am going to be really easy to train because I love snacks and food. I’m the smallest of my siblings so sometimes I try to show them I’m big like them, but I’m learning really quickly that I don’t have to be so bossy thanks to my grown up foster siblings. My foster mom says I’m beautiful and loves my unique and quirky personality. I keep my foster dad laughing for sure and my little tail is always wagging and I’m ready to give my family puppy kisses galore! I’m a good girl who plays with my siblings & foster siblings both dogs and cats. I love the kids in my foster home too! Our neighbor has little kids that are under 5 and they don’t stress me out at all! I think I would make a great addition to any family and would love to meet you to see if you could be my new mom or dad!