Bubba is a gorgeous Shepherd Lab mix who was dropped off by his owners at a kill shelter in Lebanon, MO. He came to our rescue terrified and unsure of what was happening to him. Bubba’s foster has given him time to decompress. With extra care, he has bounced back to be the happy, loving, friendly dog he is! He wants to play with the other dogs, now that he has gotten used to their presence. He will need a proper, slow introduction as he can guard himself in fear.   He fits in well with other dogs once he gets to know them and benefits from watching them be “dogs”. This sweet boy is housebroken and would love a fenced yard to romp around in. He previously lived with other dogs. Bubba is apprehensive around children, due to his lack of confidence and fear. He would do best without a house with kids. When introduced to cats, he was interested but not aggressive.  The lab mix in Bubba makes him a great companion! He wants to be near you, therefore wherever you are, he is. He has been a joy to train and catches on quite quickly. Bubba is very food motivated and has shown no aggression over his food. When you sit on the couch, he jumps into your arms and wants to hug you. If you’d like to meet Bubba, please fill out an adoption application