Blur (Daisy)

Meet Blur, (Aka Daisy) She’s the sweetest ball of love and fun! All those who meet her gush over her because she is so gentle and gorgeous! She’s thought to be about a year and a half old. She’s amazingly smart! She learned how to enjoy her crate within a couple days’ time. She is a fast learner on a leash, with routines, and with commands like sit and lay. She comes easily when she is called because she loves humans and everything about humans! She is a great companion dog. She’s getting along with her human siblings. They hug and love on her so much! Daisy gets along easily with her fur sibling Milo dog. She would be best with another dog in the house because she loves to play and run zoomies with Milo. Daisy is indifferent about cats so far of the ones she has been around. She is doing great with being potty trained although when alone in the house out of her crate for too long, she will have accidents, she hasn’t taught us her cues yet! She will be able to get to the point of no accidents while alone though because she makes progress quickly with training. She is able to be out of her crate overnight when sleeping without any accidents. Daisy would be best with a fenced yard as she was a stray and desires to wander. That being said, she would love to go wherever her humans go! She’s a great ride along adventurer. If you’d like to meet Daisy please apply to adopt her. She will be your forever, loyal best friend! Please apply to adopt her. We adopt within 60 miles of St. Louis, Missouri and St. Charles, MO