Blaze is a super soft, sweet cuddly bundle of joy. She loves to sleep curled up beside someone or next too our dog. If her foster family is busy and she has no one to snuggle up with, a nap in the sun will make her happy. She loves the outdoors and will spend as much time as we will give her on our deck, napping, chasing bugs or sniffing the breeze. A fenced yard is a must for Blaze! Blaze is pretty good about going potty outside but prefers to do it on the very edge of our yard when she thinks no one is watching. She is learning how to walk on a leash and to come on command but will need consistent training.  She’s a tiny girl, at only 16lbs, we don’t think she’s going to get much bigger than 20-25lbs.  Blaze is a really good family dog and would love to have another chill doggy friend to play with! If you’d like to meet her, please fill out an application to adopt.