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Benny The Jet is the most handsome black cat you’ll find!  He came into the rescue at 4-5 weeks old from living in a barn with his 5 littermates. He has the SILKIEST soft black coat and is the biggest of the kitties in his litter which has turned him into the most handsome boy!

Benny is a sweet, playful cat, and loves pets behind the ears and around his neck. This will get him purring. After playing and exploring, he’ll come and curl up on your lap or near you for a nap.

Benny loves to pounce and instigate play with his foster family’s resident cats and his littermate YeahYeah. Benny really seems to crave this interaction and playfulness with the other cats so it’s recommended that Benny be adopted with his littermate YeahYeah, another kitten or young cat, or go to a home with another friendly, social, playful cat. Kittens love to have friends, contrary to the belief that cats are loners, they are incredibly social and thrive when they have feline friends.

Benny is litter box trained and does well with kids too. He’s a sweet handsome boy looking for his forever home.