This sweet chocolate lab mix is Bailey! She is 15-16 weeks old and weighs 20 pounds right now. She’ll likely be around 50-60 pounds full grown. Bailey and her littermates were found wandering around a rural area. We think they were born outside and fended for themselves for 13 weeks until the rescue picked them up. She has typical puppy energy, loves to play and loves people once she trusts you. She’s smart and knows sit, leave it, and come. She jumps up on people because she gets so excited so we’re working on that. Speaking of jumping, she has superior jumping skills. She’ll definitely need a 6ft fence. She is doing great with house training, holds it all night and if she has an accident it’s always on the puppy pads  She’s nervous around strangers but once she knows you’re safe, she’s your best friend. She’s not a fan of the crate having roamed free her whole life. She’s a huge snugglebug!!! If you’d like to meet this sweet girl, please apply to adopt!