This little girl has the sweetest disposition. 100% potty pad trained when one is available, but goes outside regularly with her foster brothers. She has a lot of energy and would be best suited with other dogs or kids who would love to play with her. She is a puppy after all. She enjoys being outside and loves to run and play so a fenced yard is almost necessary. Leash training is going slow as she’s not a fan of her harness, but we are making progress. After a few minutes of fussing she’ll settle in a crate to sleep allowing the door to be opened with a gate around her potty pad, but she prefers to sleep with her foster mom. She sleeps all night and cries to go outside for potty around 6:30/7:00, but no later than 8:00. Her feeding schedule is 2-3s a day and she loves her treats when called to come back in the house. She has a burst of energy 3-5 times a day that requires a few puppy snuggles and play time. As with most puppies she likes to chew but responds positively to redirection to her chew toys.