Meet Lexie! Lexie is a one year old beautiful yellow Lab mix. She’s super playful and fun. She will be a perfect dog for the right home! She’s very funny, loving, and smart. While she loves to play with her people, she’ll entertain herself for hours with ropes, balls and chew bones! She’s hilarious with a laser pointer! When you get your coat on to leave, she runs to her crate without a fuss! Lexie listens well because she wants to please. She is house trained and loves to sleep in the foster family’s bed. 🐶 She really is an easy dog! So here’s the thing….. She came from a physically abusive home and has some scars to show it so she’s obviously anxious and scared when new people come into her safe space, especially children. Not all people, but many new people, both male and female. She’ll need a home with no children which is why it’s taking us awhile to find her the perfect situation. She is dog selective. She gets along great with the male dominant dog in the foster home and also neighboring dogs. But she has been scared and defensive with other dogs. She has been fine with other dog friendly cats she’s met.

It sounds like a lot to ask of a person ….someone who’s willing to work with her on trusting people and a house with no children or constant new people in and out, but she has SO much love to give. She’s truly a great dog and we know we’ll find her the perfect new life so she can heal from her past. Please apply to adopt Lexi, she will be your loyal, best friend!